Pedagogical Digital Competence (PDC)

The objective of the cross-border cooperation project between universities in Umeå and Vaasa is to investigate and to map out, which kind of digital competence (PDC) is needed presently, to ensure high quality teaching via the Internet regarding higher education and the business sector. The project is in progress during 1st April 2013 – 30th May 2014.

PDC is seldom a visible part of teaching and learning, even though nearly all teaching nowadays is carried out using different forms of ICT-support.

Pedagogical Digital Competence to us means the teacher’s ability to plan, carry out, evaluate and revise ICT-supported teaching efforts, with the basis in theory and background experience, thus enabling the best possible support regarding the learning process of the participants.

Another definition of PDC is that the instructor should have:

Pedagogical competence


Digital competence


Subject competence

Pedagogical Digital Competence (PDC) Videos